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"Hemingway...Mic Check.... 1 and 2 and 3"


What's in a name, you ask?

Plenty, when the name's Lit. Duly stamped and approved by IISER Pune too. Fire, up in smoke, illumination, enlightenment, flaring, amazement, scintillation and text. Reams of it, in fact, in all possible forms, fonts and kerning. In all figures of speech. We don't judge books by covers. From Tolkien to Tolstoy, John Green to Garcia Marquez, Dante to Doyle, the bases are covered. And poetry too, by the truckload. A sly, ribald limerick here, a lovelorn, sprawling ballad there and pretty much everything in between. You'd be surprised at the number of poets in IISER.

But then a name can encompass only so much. The Lit Club is so much more.

If anything diversity is our A-game. We try and accomodate everyone. Grammar Nazis, closet poets, bathroom singers (yes!), occasional readers, recalcitrant fanboys, cynics you name it. Just about anyone who likes to embark on a creative streak every now or then or who shares a common interest in the written word would find the Lit Club a swell fit.

And what exactly do we do?

That's, well a long list. Poetry slams, treasure hunts, murder mysteries, debates, talks and discussion sessions to whit. Add to that forging new bonds and having tons of fun, and you'll start getting the picture.

Upcoming Events

Hemingway Mml. Debate Date: 21st January
Mushaira Night Date: 25th January
;) Date:TBA

Contact Us:

Email ID: Phone: +91 99673 22061 (Saismit), +91 89822 38101 (Abhinav), +91 78994 26442 (Sahana) Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Aurnab Ghose