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The Bookwormie Library

Cat standing under mushroom Hazy Spot

The Bookwormie Club, in the proud tradition of its namesakes, is of them fantastical, sleepy-eyed beasts of compulsion: happy to hit the snooze button and curdle up in a cozy corner- come one, come all- unless prodded awake by the shape and effect of great literature - dusty jackets, weak-in-the-knees binding and glazed text. So, who better than us cats at the Lit Club, to hoist our own petards and tempt, cajole, shake, conjure, compel & voodoo it back to life. The details of this resuscitation, of this diabolical ressurection, and of all the satanic rites, the fillets of fenny snakes and soul-sacrifices that went into it shall remain untold, for this not the time. What there is time for, after all, is for you to unfurl the catalogue presented below and decide which books you'd rather have the Bookwormie earmark for you. Mum's the word, after all.

Cat Nap Hazy Spot